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H! Light”, as the name of the showcase suggest, derived from the word ‘HIGHLIGHT’, describes an outstanding part or something so important that has been accentuated and emphasized. In similar pronunciation but with added peculiarity, “H! Light” celebrates the excitement of the graduating creative enthusiasts, who came together in August 2013. Here we, the batch 138 graduates, are ready to “H! Light the awareness in Art and Design.


The concept inspired by the notion of fluorescent represented in the form of luminescent that shine and daily news that highlighted in newspaper. Thus, we showcase our design as daily highlights that appears on the news by incorporating a newsletter design for our graduation portfolio.


To most people in our country, Art and Design are seldom seen as a priority. Hence “H! Light” would like to create an impact in bringing awareness towards the importance of design in daily lives. These colors mingle around shades of blue, from cyan graduals down to navy and eventually black. Neither as intense as Red, nor as striking as Yellow, Blue holds the same importance as a primary color, just like Art and
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Message from the President of 138


A heartfelt congratulation to my fellow graduates of batch 138. Over the years at Equator College, we have not only gained knowledge and skills but also the maturity to solve problems with a great deal of panache. On behalf of the 138 batch students, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our beloved lecturers for their time, dedication, and guidance throughout these years, which without whom we would not have worked hard and graduated. As lecturers, mentors, advisors you have all provided us the freedom to think analytically and have always been there when we needed you the most. It’s more than what you did for us, it’s what you have molded us into; an individual that is able to succeed, in not only their studies but also in life, as an accountable individual to society. We stand here today proudly to present our graduation showcase.



The great thing about Equatoris that no matter how completely different our courses maybe nonetheless our heart and sincerity through the years have brought us closer and stronger as a group of friends. As the rest of our lives hold more than just moments, it represents a lifetime of college life flashback that is filled with laughter and colors of college life. Thank you all for making this happened.



“’H! Light” is inspired by the notion of fluorescent and can be represented in the form of luminescent that shines to stand out. Our batch 138 stands to shine brightly and deem to be reckoned with through our design. Art and design is an emerging industry that ceases to be reckoned with. Thus we would like to create an impact in bringing awareness towards the importance of design in daily life,
which leads to the idea of “H! Light”.



As graduates from the 21 st century, we will face many uncertainties in both the immediate and distant future. However, uncertainly is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. Thank you all for all your cooperation in making this an eventful showcase. I believe that the numerous nights spent, burning the midnight oil has been paid off.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_column css_animation=”none”][vc_btn title=”Get Back to Previous Page” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.equator.edu.my%2Fbest-art-design-college%2Fdesign-corner%2F|title:Design%20Corner||”][/vc_column]

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