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Art Quack is represented by the transformation of an ‘ugly duckling’: a growing process. It encompasses all of us who started from the very beginning without any knowledge or experience, who later grew into skilled, talented individuals within three years. Having stepped into a world of art and design, we have developed our skills and knowledge, gaining much experience and becoming the best that we can be.
‘Quack’ is a sound made by a duck. We use it to symbolize a strong impact, like an earthquake, that brings great influence to the world of design. The indestructible impact is the soul of our entire class: the batch 148 students. Therefore, it can never be broken.


Let us reveal our significance and be proud of who we are!

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Message from the President of 148


It is an honor to be given the opportunity to represent my fellow graduates from the Art Quack Graduation Showcase. To begin, I would like to congratulate all students from batch 148 for graduating from Equator College.



Throughout our three years of study, we have learned and completed various tasks assigned by our lecturers. We have gained precious knowledge of design, as well as the ability to use this knowledge to achieve our dreams and ambition, but perhaps more importantly, we have also made a lot of friends during our time here. While we may come from different places, races, and backgrounds, we still stick together like family to overcome the challenges that we encounter. Our lecturers, on the other hand, are like the glue that holds us together. They are always there for us to support us and inspire us, and without their careful and patient guidance, we would not be where we are. Today, we graduate from Equator College; tomorrow we start a whole new chapter of our lives by our own conduct.



Art quack is influenced by the story of “The Ugly Duckling.” We draw important values from this tale, learning that we must become the change we want to see, and to find the courage to overcome our flaws to become successful, to become the best versions of ourselves.



With this in mind, there are plenty of thoughts and discussions surfacing among my batch mates. ”what am I going to do next?”  “Is this company suitable for me?” “Am I going to be a success in the future?” No one can predict the future, but we can create it. Moving forward is a necessity of life. Even if you find yourself in the worst kind of situation, do not give up. Keep on telling yourself that it is just a minor setback, and have faith that you can see it through. You would not have been here at this ceremony if your lecturers did not think you are prepared to face the obstacles and challenges that life has in store for you.



Indeed, questions will be followed by more questions, and the most important question we could ask ourselves is

“Who am I going to be?”

Are you going to hold yourself to the standards of someone you admire? Or just be your own unique self? If you have decided to be yourself, do not hesitate to explore beyond the boundaries of what you know and do best. Make your own opportunities and find your own ways. Be creative, and you will become a swan one day.

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According to the Oxford dictionary, a voyage is defined as a long journey involving travel by sea or in space. These past three years at Equator College has been a voyage for the batch 143 students from Graphic & Multimedia Design, Digital 3D Animation, Interior Design, Architectural Technology, Fashion Design Technology, and Fine Art departments.



College life at Equator College is just like a journey in space, where we are like sailors exploring the wonders of the world, the explored and unexplored. The valuable knowledge that we have discovered is precious to us in our study of design.



An abstract visual idea is used here to reflect on the concept of our Exhibition Showcase “Voyage”-the journey. The free flow of different colors created various and compositions, which represent independent, confident, and talented individuals coming together in shaping the creative society.


Let us now pause to celebrate, whether we have reached our destination or embarked on a new journey.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text 0=””]

Message from the President of 143



To begin with, I would like to express how deeply honored I am to be representing the graduating class and gracing the pages of this excellent production. I’m excited to be here, not only to address the distinguished graduates of Equator College’s 143 class but also to extend my most heartfelt congratulations to my peers.



I remember clearly how, three years ago, we walked into these halls as nervous as we were on the first day of school. We were freshmen then, the lowest notch on the totem pole. Now, three years later, we are leaving the school behind to a whole new crop of people. We have come so far and have so much to be proud of, fellow graduates. It is time for us to take up our place in the world.



One of the greatest things about education is self-discovery, and on the verge of graduating, many of us know exactly the step we wish to take next, whether that step is to secure a full-time job or to pursue further study overseas. Others, like me, will tell you we have no idea. In time, we will graduate from these halls equipped with nothing more than an education and a vague idea of the job we would like to get or the business we would like to start. Regardless of what we decide to do after we have received our scrolls, most of us will agree that Equator College has been the perfect place to foster our minds and learn, not only our course materials but also ourselves. Life at Equator is just like a journey in space, where we are the sailors exploring the wonders of the universe, the explored and unexplored. The valuable knowledge that we have discovered is precious to us in our study of art and design.



To everyone who touched our lives: we would like to say thank you. To our parents, who stood by us no matter what: we would not be where we are today without your unconditional love and encouragement. To the lecturers who instilled in us a passion for learning: we are truly grateful for the knowledge you have bestowed upon us. To the administrators who strove to make our college experience as amazing as possible: thank you for your unwavering support. To the advisors who have helped us on our paths: there are no words to express our gratitude for your wisdom and guidance except ‘thank you.’ To friends who were there for pizza parties, study sessions, and everything in between, know that our years at college would not have been quite the same without you.



And to everyone else – all the kind, loving people that we have met and depended upon – thank you for making our time at Equator College memorable.

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