We aspire to be a driver of change in innovative and creative tertiary education and training that meets local and international market needs.

To provide quality, industry-driven, affordable education that produces highly sought-after, principled and visionary holistic graduates.

Core Values

We accomplish our educational objectives and business achievements through the following individual and team values:


Integrity as our ethical pursuit towards all stakeholders, internally as well as externally.


Innovative in generating effective and efficient solutions to meet ever-changing customer expectations.


Initiative to take actions to improve organization situations without someone else telling us to do so.


Improve continually is our work habit to achieve operational excellence.


Insightful problem-solving with a deep understanding of matters arising in order to devise effective and efficient solutions.


Information-driven decision-making based on multiple inputs to maximize our effort for appropriate return of investment.

Quality Policy

Equator College is committed to be the preferred quality tertiary institution of choice in holistic education and training. We shall continuously develop, enhance and improve quality processes of our academic programmes and service towards excellence. Our team always strives to achieve continuous improvement in Quality Management System and compliance to applicable requirement in the industry.

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