Graduation Showcase Batch 173

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173 Graduation Showcase

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‘DEPARTURE’ describes the end of a journey and the beginning of a new journey. This is the term that best represents the graduates of Batch 173, a group of designers who have completed the pursuit of their diplomas.



We are 54 students from various disciplines, gathered together in this final showcase not only to put forth a collective effort culminated from three years of dedication but also to display the aspects of joy and satisfaction that strive and struggles could bring.



Departure is also the time where friends go separate ways and follow their own paths in life. Memories of three years, of the amazing times spent together will forever stay in each of our minds. Soon, we will all be fighting different battles, but the bond will still be there, and we will remember the best times we had during our study at Equator.



Be it in the classrooms or over the activities held outside the classrooms. Each and every one of us came together to make these three days a success with the aim to end our college experience, knowing that these three years of trials and tribulations are worth it. Armed with an arsenal of skills, new knowledge, and a range of experiences, we are now ready to face the world and use all that we have learned as the key to our dream careers.



However, success will only reveal itself to those who work hard. So, stand tall, strive for success, and it will one day be in your hand. Last but not least, while climbing the ladder of success, always remember to be grateful to those who helped us along the way.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3504″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]

President Speech
President of Batch 173: Lee Ca Men

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a privilege to represent my fellow graduates of Batch 173 at this momentous occasion. Indeed, there is no higher honor than to be given this opportunity to deliver a few words on their behalf.


Three years at Equator College has been a roller coaster ride. We’ve stood together through the ups and downs and strived through each semester to bring out our best.


The most vivid memories I have of life in Equator are of the trips we made to different fabric and material shops, joking and having fun as well as sharing opinions with each other while making purchases. I will forever treasure the times where we laughed out loud at some funny jokes in class. just to release some of the unwanted stress that had been forming in the backs of our minds.


To me, a great college experience is not only about education but also about the people we meet along the way. Friends from different backgrounds and disciplines are pan and parcel of our formation years, and I am glad to have known many of you on a deep and personal level. We have bonded through extracurricular activities such as prom and community service, and we have been lucky enough to be given the chance to give back to society.


For the success of today’s event, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee members of DEPARTURE, all of whom had dedicated and put in great amounts of effort to bring this showcase to life, despite having to juggle both personal assignments and organizing this display. From meetings to searching for sponsors and dealing with people from different fields to making this showcase memorable, I truly could not dream of a better team of people to work with.


On behalf of my fellow graduates, I would like to thank, first and foremost, our parents, our lecturers, and everyone at Equator, from the management to the marketing team. Thank you for your effort, patience, care, and dedication to us. We are able to make it this far because you never gave upon us.


Last but not least, I would like to congratulate all graduates on completing their Diploma. I wish each and every one of you boundless success and plenty of happiness in the years ahead.

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Department of Architectural Technology

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Department of Interior Design

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Department of Graphic & Multimedia

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Department of Digital 3D Animation

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Department of Fashion Design

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Department of Fine Art

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