Graduation Showcase Batch 168

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168 Graduation Showcase

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“Batch 168”describes a group of really amazing people from all backgrounds that gathered together awkwardly but unconditionally to crea the remarkable memories of Batch 168.


Batch 168 isn’t just a code or label for a group of students that joined Equator College in August 2016, it is also an invaluable bundle of collective experience that money can’t buy.


This showcase gave us the memories that we shall never forget, 3 years of non-BCE claimable time that we spent with each other. The experience that we believe is more valuable than the entire Beyond Classroom Experience (BCE) program combined altogether.


It’s the “Batch 168” that will accompany us from the very beginning to the end; it’s the “Batch 168” that never gave up on their dreams, worked hard, and stayed up late no matter how long it took to meet just ONE goal – to obtain enough skills and knowledge to make it to this day. Come to think of it, it took 3 years of tedious preparation to prepare for 3 days of exhibition!


From the beginning of August 2016 to the end of August 2019, each of us has evolved into a better person, we conquered all the assessments that we used to fear and we knocked down all obstacles that stood in our way. Even though we’re way more mature than the first day we stepped into this college, we will never forget who we are, or where we came from.


Remember to stay humble. We believe that “ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it”.


I wish you God Speed. May each one of you have fair winds and blue skies in your horizon no matter where you go.


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President Speech
President of Batch 168: Eric Ooi


This is the story of a man with a group of people from different backgrounds.

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, it feels like it was not so long ago when students of Equator College always went for stationery shopping at Nanyang Book Co.(Pg) Sdn. Bhd, a favorite secret hunt of ours. You will find out about this when you’re officially a member of Equator College Community. I will not forget the yellow spiral staircase we used to climb up and down every day, the teamwork that we put into a classmate’s individual assignments, the vending machine that took away my balance, the set of roti bakar with soft-boiled eggs as breakfast, and crowded library during week seven of the semester.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3509″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]One of my precious memories was a simple morning break, a group of students will gather in a nearby kopi tiam to enjoy the local food and talking with each other instead of fiddling with the smart phones. I remember the classes we used to skip, the lecturer we used to antagonise, and the presentations we tried to end immediately the moment we started. Those bittersweet memories were all real and that’s exactly that made our college life more meaningful and memorable.


It’s truly an honour for me to represent BATCH 168 to show our sincere gratitude to our beloved parents, lecturers, advisers, sponsor partners and supportive friends.



In my mind, Equator College is more than just a college. The college not only offers a good academic education but also lovely and kind lecturers, stall, and members of college management. They are the light that illuminates our future, they are the very hope that makes students believe in themselves.


Last but not least, I would like to congratulate all my course mates in completing the course and wish you every success in pursuing your goals. I guess it is now my turn to ask them

” How is your college life?”


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Digital 3D Animation

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Fine Art

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Graphic & Multimedia

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Interior Design

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